Community Outreach

What is Community Outreach? This is a ministry that we don’t talk enough about. In a nutshell, it provides food and basic necessities to individuals and families. It is a safety net for emergency situations. 

When people’s basic needs are met they are able to make progress in creating a better future for themselves. We provide many resources and refer people to other community organizations to help with other specific needs. 

When a client comes to RIFA needing help, our Social Worker or Community Resource Coordinator is able to talk with the person or family to figure out the specific need(s), how RIFA can help and other resources in the community that can be utilized. 

“Most of the time, instead of just giving people food, really helping someone looks like having a conversation about mental health or calling WRAP with them in the office. Those conversations and phone calls make the lasting change.”

Marie Giser, RIFA Community Outreach Coordinator

Maybe a grandmother on a fixed income just got custody of her two grandkids, and she doesn’t have enough money for food and school uniforms until her SNAP benefits start in a couple of weeks. This grandmother can come to RIFA to get help with food and a Thrift Store voucher to pick out school uniforms. 

In 2019, $44,654 was given away in Thrift Store vouchers to clients who needed help with clothing and household items.

Maybe a family had a house fire and they lost everything. RIFA can give them a Thrift Store voucher to get clothing, kitchen and household items. In addition, we can also help with food and hygiene items. 

Here are some of the resources we provide through Community Outreach: 

  • Food 
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas food bags  
  • Hygiene items
  • Thrift store vouchers
  • Prescription medication
  • Furniture & household items
  • Gas
  • Bus passes
  • Baby items
  • Referrals to other community services

Our goal through Community Outreach is to help individuals and families overcome obstacles and improve their lives.

“I enjoy serving people from all walks of life. I believe in the ministry at RIFA, and I strive each day to bring a positive force for God to see the kingdom advance through the healing of poverty, mental illness and brokenness.”

Jeri Traylor, RIFA Community Resource Coordinator

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Community Outreach

Provides food and basic necessities to individuals and families.

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