Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon 2018

We love our volunteers! Without them, the RIFA mission would not be carried out. Volunteers truly are the lifeblood of RIFA.

These dedicated servants were awarded for their efforts in RIFA’s 2018 Volunteer Appreciation.

  • Warehouse Award – James and Nancy Parrish
  • Snack Backpack Award – Phillip Pigue and Cindy Daly
  • Pick Up Driver Award – William Criss
  • Thrift Store Award – Mary Newman
  • Board Member Award – Amy Elizer
  • Special Projects Award – Pam Bradford, Linda Webb, Terri Webb, Sue Sisco, Janet Moss
  • Rev. Don Daniels Servant’s Heart Award (Soup Kitchen) – Ben Shearon
  • David Hallock Volunteer of the Year Award – Carol Green
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Wanda ” Sarge” Hayes

Ben Shearon was named The Soup Kitchen Volunteer of the year. Shearon works alongside RIFA Soup Kitchen Staff Susan McFarland and Jennifer Ortiz to ensure the Soup Kitchen serves at least one meal 365 days a year. Cindy Daly and Philip Pigue are among the Snack Backpack Volunteers highlighted for their efforts in fighting hunger amongst school-aged children. Mary Newman was named the Thrift Store Volunteer. Her faithfulness in serving the Thrift Store helps RIFA to generate nearly 1/3 of its revenue. All proceeds from the RIFA Thrift Store are redirected to fight hunger through RIFA’s many ministries. Dr. Amy Elizer was named Board Member of the Year for her support of RIFA as a community member.

Former RIFA employee, Carol Green was named volunteer of the year for her commitment to RIFA long after retirement. Though Carol officially retired in 2017, her face is still seen training her successor and supporting the organization.

William Criss was selected as the Food Pickup Driver. Criss, assists with food pickups from restaurants around the city. James and Nancy Parrish are a dynamic duo who serves in the RIFA Warehouse, giving their time selflessly to assist the RIFA Warehouse team in daily operations.

Among Special Projects recipients were Pam Bradford, Sue Sisco, Linda Webb, Terri Webb and Janet Moss.

Perhaps the volunteer of the century, most worthy of double honor, is Wanda Sarge Hayes. Hayes has served in the RIFA’s Soup Kitchen for 40 years. Her first meal, cooked in 1978, was a simple elegant feast—wild turkey, sweet potatoes and dressing.

Volunteer Coordinator, Dan Ward said, “She is an amazing woman, loved by the patrons and affectionately known as Sarge.”

View the RIFAJackson Volunteer Appreciation Facebook album here. 
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