February: National Canned Food Month

February 1st kicks of National Canned Food Month! Didn’t realize this was a thing? Lucky for you, all of us here at RIFA always have canned food at the forefront of our minds and are happy to fill you in on its importance.

  • 1. Canned food represents 80% of RIFA’s food inventory on any given day. 
  • 2. Canned foods are used to feed our community’s hungriest neighbors through almost all of RIFA’s ministries. Whether they are being packed in Senior Staples boxes, distributed through Community Outreach food sacks, cooked in the Soup Kitchen, or a number of other things, canned foods are always in high demand. 
  • 3. Canned foods are filled with nutrients and have a long shelf life making them a food bank’s biggest ally in the fight against hunger. 
  • 4. When RIFA’s Food Bank is stocked with canned foods, local agencies can shop for food at a quarter of the price of grocery stores. This not only allows them a chance to provide food for their individual organizations but to stretch their dollar while doing so. 
  • 5. Canned food items are always in need. Some of our most regularly used and needed items include canned vegetables, canned fruits, canned meats, canned beans, and canned soups. 

So, from all of us here at RIFA, happy National Canned Food Month! Without cans and the continued support of our community, none of the work here would be possible.

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