From our volunteers: 

“Volunteering has made me feel better about myself since I’m helping other people. It makes me feel like I’m doing something for the community. I know that I’m helping people as I sort through different clothes that can be given to others. I’ve learned how  great the impact of place is on people in the community. It’s overwhelming.” – Paula

“God gave us hands to help others, feet to follow His path, eyes to read His Word, and ears to hear the cry of His children and this lost world. This is the reason I volunteer. Not to be exalted by recognition, but only lifting up His holy name. RIFA affords me that opportunity by the grace of God’s love – this is the game changer!” – RIFA thrift store volunteer.

“I come in early and leave late because I love helping out. It made me feel much more connected because I know I had my part in doing wrong in the community – but by me coming back and helping less fortunate, it makes me feel a whole lot better. It’s opened up my eyes to see what I did to hurt, but by me coming here I’m giving back and rebuilding the community.” – K.O., community service worker

“[Volunteering] has made me see a lot of things I never thought was going on. I never knew we had this many people in Jackson that don’t have anything to eat. If we didn’t get snack backpacks for children, they wouldn’t have anything to eat over the weekend. It’s impacted me to the point of knowing this has to be done.” – Kenneth

“Volunteering here is real important to me. I work as hard here as I ever have at a job I’ve ever had. I care about it, I care what the thrift store looks like and the merchandise that goes out. It makes me happy to work here and know that I’m doing something to give back to the community. I’ve led a blessed life and I want to give back what I’ve got.” – Mary, RIFA thrift store volunteer for 10 years.

From our staff: 

“Volunteers and community service workers are the lifeblood of RIFA! Without them we can’t operate. You can’t bless others without also receiving a blessing yourself, so the volunteers get a great blessing by serving here. Most choose to come back again and again.” – Dan Ward, RIFA volunteer coordinator.

“For me, being a social worker means that my job is to help people find creative solutions to challenges faced by individuals and by our community. As a social worker at RIFA, I am consistently pushed to the end of my comfort zone and I am challenged as a Christian to love the least of these in tangible ways.” – Legon Craighead, community outreach coordinator