Help Portrait 2018

Help Portrait is so much more than a photo—it is a chance for families to come together, it is an opportunity for individuals to get a mini-makeover by professional hairstylists and make-up artists, it is a time for people to put away the fears of the world and just smile.

Families leave with more than just a photo but a chance to appreciate one another and celebrate themselves.

“Help Portrait is something that means a lot to me personally,” Marketing Coordinator Lindsay Dawkins stated. “It’s a joy to see the transformations not just of their faces but also what it does for them on the inside.”

Dawkins has coordinated the event for the past few years for RIFA which services the Jackson, TN community and collaborates with local photographers to make the event happen. This year, the Freed Hardeman photography department joined to provide free photography for the event.

In total, 55 families which equaled to 106 people were captured last Saturday for Help-Portrait.


If you or your organization would like to participate in RIFA's Help Portrait event, please contact us at



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