RIFA Canstruction International Winners

The design-build competition known as Canstruction has now been a part of the RIFA story for 14 years. Competing teams from industries, schools, churches and businesses showcase their talents by designing giant sculptures made entirely out of canned foods. At the close of the exhibition, all of the food used in the structures is donated to RIFA to distribute to those hungry in our community.

The structures are judged locally then the winners are submitted to compete in the international competition. Over 1,200 Cansculptures competed around the world last year. We had three of Canstruction Jackson’s winners place in the 2017 International Competition! Jackson was the city with the most structures place in the International Competition.

Jackson Energy Authority - "Fueling the Flame to End Hunger"

JEA placed 2nd in the International Canstruction Competition for Structural Ingenuity for their structure Fueling the Flame to End Hunger. Made from cans of tuna, JEA’s 2017 Canstruction structure is being seen around the world.


Toyota Bodine - “Together We CAN Pack the Bus.”

Toyota Bodine of Jackson placed 4th in the best original design category for their structure “Together We CAN Pack the Bus.” The structure shows the back of a school bus overflowing with much needed food items from the Snack Backpack ministry shopping list used to feed hungry school children in Jackson, TN.


Gerdau of Jackson - "Taking down Hunger"

Gerdau placed 3rd in the best meal category for their structure Taking down Hunger with beans, veggies, chicken and tuna. The well-rounded items on used in this structure have a great balance and variety of proteins, vegetables and fruits.

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