All about the New RIFA Mural

“Love the One in front of you” words of simple truth. Pastor Don Thrasher of Northside United Methodist says its a phrase that sums up the Holy Scriptures. For RIFA, those words are painted on our building for the world to see. The latest mural perfectly epitomizes the RIFA mission as well.

Legon Roberson of RIFA believes that the mural will be a source of hope. She says that murals and art have been proven to impact communities. In his book, Theirs Is the Kingdom, Dr. Bob Lupton talks about the neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia that he and his wife live in. When they were moving in, the community was in disarray and he shares a story about his neighbor whose house was in disrepair. The neighbor was a widower with an addiction to alcohol. As Dr. Lupton and his wife worked on their new home making repairs and cleaning up the landscape, it inspired the neighbor to bring new life to his own home. Dr. Lupton describes what happens when new life springs up in a neighborhood as “old men beginning to dream again.” That is RIFA’s goal with the mural project—that through the work of making our corner of downtown more beautiful and our clients, our volunteers, our staff and our neighbors around us will be inspired to dream new dreams for the community and hope will spring up where hope can at times be scarce.

Erin Miller Williams, whose line of work includes art that supports meaningful causes, was also enthused to join in the RIFA mural project. “RIFA is an organization that exemplifies its mission on every level. The employees and volunteers at RIFA are constantly striving to impact the lives of others through encouragement, faith, and inclusiveness.”

We are all inspired by the new mural and hope the stories continue as we “reach out with the love of Christ to provide physical and spiritual nourishment.”

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