Meet the Artist Behind the Latest RIFA Mural

Tarp covered with paint cans and paint splatters sat at the foot of a completed RIFA Mural on a warm May afternoon. The message is as simple as the Gospel, “Love the One In Front of You.”

Erin Miller Williams loves “making people feel good.” “Whether it be through a personal encounter, an experience or through my art, I love seeing people feel moved by something.” Williams’ heart is passionate about joining her talents with causes that matter.

“Because of her incredible vision for how art can bring people together, which mirrors RIFA’s goal of food bringing people together,” Legon Roberson LMSW stated, “We believe that Erin is the perfect artist to complete the mural project.”

It’s clear, Williams loves RIFA. She admires the way the employees and volunteers constantly strive “to impact the lives of others through encouragement, faith, and inclusiveness.” These are all things the Memphis native creative designer is able to get behind, using her talents to tell, capture and convey the essence of RIFA’s service. Williams said that is “the best way to celebrate ourselves and connect through our uniqueness.”

“Lisa Tillman and her team are some of the most genuine, loving, and thoughtful people,” she stated. “It has been an absolute pleasure getting to work for them for a second time. I fully support RIFA’s vision and plans to grow and continue to help the city of Jackson. It has been an honor being a small part of helping see that vision come to life.”

For more information on Erin Miller Williams, visit her website at or connect with her on instagram @erinmillerwilliams.

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